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Hot Tamales



3 lbs.

Ground meat

2 tsp.

Red pepper

6 tsp.


1 (2 oz.)

Bottle chili powder


Onions put into a blender or food processor with tomato sauce

2 tsp.

Garlic powder


Of black or white pepper


Corn meal

4 tsp.

Cumin (cominos)

1 can

Tomato sauce


Sauce: While preparing tamales, let sauce be simmering. Sauce consists of 3-4 qts. water, 8 oz. can of tomato sauce, 2 oz. bottle of chili powder and 3 tsp. of cumin. A little paprika may be added.

1.       Prepare tamale mixture in a large mixing bowl or pot.

2.       knead well by hand.

3.       All ingredients must be mixed together very well.

4.       Take about 1 tbsp. at a time, roll in an oblong ball, and then roll in yellow corn meal; wrap in papers especially for hot tamales.

5.       Soak papers in a small amount of water to soften so they will be easier too work with.

6.       After all tamales have been rolled, put in a turkey roaster, layered in opposite directions.

7.       Pour boiling sauce mixture over all tamales.

8.       Place turkey roaster over two burners on top of stove.

9.       Simmer 2 hrs. with cover on.

10.   This makes about 8-9 dozen tamales depending on individual size.


Thanks to Lynn.